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Finding and replacing mistakes in spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax; fixing typographical errors.


Making copy clear, precise, concise, understandable and consistent. Ensuring that the writing flows.


Replacing or rearranging sentences in the document to make it easily read and understood.


Writing reports, news releases, speeches, correspondence, magazine/journal articles, handouts, advertisements, signs, etc., as though the client authored them.

Outsourced Writing:

For consultants and professional firms faced with too much work and too little time, our team takes the data and writes a report or finishes a report started by the client.

Resume Writing:

Your dream job comes open. You’re the perfect fit. But it doesn't matter how qualified you are if you can’t get in the door. A precisely focused resume and a thoughtfully crafted cover letter are the keys to getting the interview.

A successful resume is not merely a list of your experiences. A successful cover letter is not simply an introductory note. These are marketing materials that sell employers on why you are the candidate they must interview.

Our team knows how to help you put your best foot forward, whether producing a universal resume for varied opportunities or materials targeted to a specific opening. We can polish your current resume or produce one from scratch based upon your experience and skills.

Grant Writing:

We Write For You managing director Barbara Gershman is widely recognized for her expertise in grantwriting. She provides consultation services in analyzing grant announcements (RFPs) and funders; strategizing a proposal approach; finding data to substantiate a problem/need; writing measurable objectives; and designing a project evaluation. You can send a draft of any or all components of your proposal and, after giving you a critique, we will rewrite a portion of a page, a page, several or all pages, depending on your needs.

Grant Writing Training:

We tailor training to groups of 25 through 200. Sessions may be arranged from a half day to several days, depending on your needs. Click here for past participants' feedback.

Request-for-Proposal (RFP) Writing:

There are only a handful of experts nationwide in writing RFPs for grant competitions. We Write For You Managing Director, Barbara Gershman, is one. She designs the RFP with the client. She often is asked by the client to write the entire RFP.
Ms. Gershman's skill in writing and weighting selection criteria also has been sought by clients running competitions for scholarships, fellowships and recognition awards.

RFP Training:

Ms. Gershman trains groups of program administrators in writing RFPs and in managing grant competitions from beginning to end.

I learned a lot of specifics about successful grant writing. Also learned about the reviewers' points of view.
- Hialeah

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